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He felt proud of his craft, a man of high stature and beard prominently abandoned down and sharped, collection by enslaved linked corkscrews, sufficient in amount to not host the offal of gluttony.

- "Haha... what leftovers, used grass to the insignificant, haha...!"

So used to say when stood on the prow of the galley, as if ratchet were a phallic extension, and with the ram of beechwood reinforced with metal hoop or ring placed down , very down the ram, with the object of power ramming  the ship enemy that would dare crossing on his way; there often used to stay, while he devoured meats stabbed with its thoroughly sharp incisors, and its adjacent, auxiliary and also canine predators. This character was the captain of the ship, which had been the voice of command, and boasted of being a sailor of the crew, then urinated and defecated in the garden bow, while clinging to the rigging, and it seemed as if he also tied, as if it belonged to the composition and elements atrocious ship floating on the seas of Arabia.

"Behold, old sharks
of the desert of waters,
that you serve with your lurking swings
bravery  to my job!"
Look at the glory of my  success
round insignificance and filth
ha,ha.. haha... "

He then raised his one-eyed look to heaven dwith sickly and cruel vehemence, and his jugular vein drained so impetuous that the sea became angry envious, and  beat with more power. 

"It was this galley of large dimensions, about 150 feet in length and about 400 rowers or galliots in four rows, two to starboard and two port, two lower rows and two top, and every rowing pulled by four galliots, which gave us rows of 25 oars, beech wood paddles that each possessed dimensions of about twelve metres; balanced proporcionalitates of usury!.As the two top rows were which were left to see the upper deck, one on one side and on the other, to starboard and port side.

The Portuguese State of the India, so called him to the viceroyalty was extended in this country with the arrival of Vasco de Gama, and the next conquest of Goa. Browsing an Indian Ocean, which in its most northwestern part somewhat stagnant waters in the Arabian Sea.

Beginning of the 16th century, as were the Portuguese who fought for the maritime hegemony in this part of the Earth. From the Gulf of Aden waters enclosed in the lands of Yemen and Somalia to the Cambay, which south limited  Bombay, or from the Oman Gulf to Ceylon, in the South of the India. And the Persian Gulf, throat who embalmed the fertility of the former domains of other cultures, from where other ancient Empires extended time ago as the Persian or the Mesopotamic; Qatar, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates, where the Earth is projected in close prominence, that only leaves a narrow output for the sea, the Strait of Hormuz, and beside Dubai, that appears as if it were a watchdog lighthouse, with its curvature zones of influence geostrategic. Emirates Arab greedy tycoons, sold today sadly to the cruel American Interventional Empire wild capitalism. 

The Sun hit now firmly on the cover of the galley, sailing the seas of Arabia, together with three boats more that  were a little smalle.They were going to Surat, in the India, in the Gulf of Cambay to Muscat in Oman, in the Gulf of the same name.They carried species and slaves, the first were going to be transported in a pair of skulls that would give the baton to Portugal.Seconds, the slaves would be chosen from the galley  by Muscat ibadis magnets for their own personal enjoyment.

Two were the Comitres or executioners with whip, which whipped the bodies of the galley slaves, while guards and official signs from the gateway to those who suffered this!

While, the largest official harangued to other officers and guards, and taunted them stakenly to comply the tasks that were so assigned, and shouted: 

"fools!, do not see that you are so going to kill?,
who will want that then row this boat
if you apply with so little intelligence
incorrect instructions with that your ferocity?"

He said this while wearing scented handkerchief to his nose, to relieve the unbearable stench of galleys, where convicts made ​​their physiological needs at the bank or torture rack

Colt as well, time passed and the days that are intertwined in the cruel agony of misery and human tragedy, represented in the sad beating heart torn into fatal vessel shell.

Among the rowers who remained enslaved well were those who were knowledgeable, through its predecessors, legends and traditions of Karmi Mata.The legend of Karmi Mata, matriarch of the 14th century who was a reincarnation of Durga, the goddess of power and the victory, considered the Mother goddess and Supreme by many Hindus, Goddess of victory of good over evil, represented with numerous arms, riding on a lion or a tiger, carrying weapons and a Lotus Flower, which has a smile thoughtful and practicing mudras, or gestural symbols with their hands. It then tells the legend of sailor Karmi matte, that there was a time when one of the children of his clan died, and she tried to bring it back to life and this could only be done by Yama, the God of death that had been reincarnated as a rat. Karmi Mata came to an agreement with Yama, which all men of his clan dead reencarnarían as rats, until they were ready to be born again in the tribe. 

And became the event that prayers to the goddess Durga mother of many of the slaves were heard by rats that lived in the galleys, which miraculously multiplied and multiplied in number, and agreed with the galley slaves in the rioting and Word spread, it would be when the sun set and the Moon confirmed the flight of the Sun and the mutiny.
And dark time, and rats began to whistle as hysterical, officers and sailors began to walk from one side to another restless, shining toward the stern, where it seemed that the dreadful sounds came, and what they observed there remained faithful representation in their faces that turned pale and glimmering, panic and terror in the dark nightthousands and thousands of rats taught their sharp teeth while they ran and pounced on the captain and the officers.

_xurxo fernandez gonzalez