sábado, 7 de julio de 2012

The age of Jesucristo 33

There is somebody here?, ¡answer!, ¿Which is the substance or be that to my interrupts me…?,and seem that with special devotion support in this fact, because, it is today so much the third time…
I can not hold a minute more!, ¡feelt me faint!; In this prison where the fruit trees of my thoughts, ¡those that feed me!, and is And is that something in me me intranquiliza, a cruel appearance lodge in my decadence, consumed now by the anxiety of the knowledge, of the lamp, of a new day in the sunrise; and is that if I go back you to see! See…,but, ¡no!, does not seem…,¡shit!, the heart me late very quickly, …¡uf!,…,give three steps to forward, it without know why, and instead of reassuring me answer with the same stupidity and already I am giving two steps for backwards, I am alone!, but with the feeling to understand that perhaps with a bit of luck can I fix again my morning stars in your shiny life again. Now, with this silence that through the cold stone that in my breast rebounds, Sun!, ¡Let’s go!

This night, when it carried lived fifty-three, this night, as so many others, feared to disappear. His life was very disordered, neglected, eating, dressing, in the caress, in the breakfast, in the clothes, and in the love of rebound of the reflection of the another edge also; he said that to love owed to be one hundred one thousand

The odd of all this is that his doctor said in his burial,

-¡Odd being!...,¡himself!, a very rare person, than leaving carry by bad frocks anybody gave at all by him; the people said when still was very young, “ this does not arrive neither to the age of Jesucristo 33”; but, the truth…

Actually, what for sure knows is that himself held, go if it held them!, arrived to live the one hundred years more seven more, with what happened fifty-four more since this night awakened , as other nights, and this night three times was.