domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2012


A man who walks on the beach, very natural
waiting event with great vital anxiety;
…Comes,near, a womam!.
One star that down around and around!
No doubt!;
which I will already love for life,
do not need to know it nothing more.

Is so tenuous pretty!;
he unknown its constellation, where is your crib;
Sun testifies that  approache the night promised,
can not return its reverse!.

I want to hear her voice!, her witch language!,
says to the man a voice from his inside;
She must beat sound as the Northern Lights!
She is near!;!and his heart…, at a rapid rate!.

She stooped, and cool to herself  
with sand which flakes with her hands
in a sediment of freshness .

I must do something!,
I'll ask her the time!.

While, she slides the fragrante
of the earth in its intimacy ....

Man feels from the inside
how a little less natural,
does not dare...;
when before he was flying
now feels to shrink him.

The woman gives a saltwater bath.
Man knows that people should love,
would like to go to the water and hug to her,
but…, who am I to inhabit his dwelling? .

And so goes away,
looking at the woman,
who comes out of the water,
 and while dries look man also.

She thinks, that sweet should be
hisr skin
graceful  and tasty his honey!.

Two souls who increasingly leave
one of another,
while the night flows advance
with the Sun starting bids
farewell to a new dawn.

Xurxo fernandez gonzalez