domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2012


Bridge over the Hudson River

Jesucristo was walking from New Jersey to Manhattan, resurrected, paddling, he was quite pissed, they spoke to him in his dreams of a big Apple. In his grave he thought: go there, to see if I am also tempted, I get out of my dreams…; and it stood hasty. He arrived on the island  after the morning. He stood in a burger bar to what he knew, preach!. Asked one of those disgusting, tortured crushed meat and flooded it the additive supplement of Ketchup tomato. with one hand, the other in the pocket of his robe hastened to slide. He raised the Burger and  fell it off,  the meat violently sentenced!, on the floor was crushed its nauseating and ignorant: in the Hudson River, transformed by the reflection of the clouds to pass.At the time that  with the other hand that runaways ate fish and bread. From his deep pocket and hanging bag he took others fishs and breads.With a own ability  and skill of those who are resurrected, ordered fish, breads and flowers among the citizens while  spat their meats, as a generous  captain who loves his troop, and make angry of their cowardly sketches.

And pointing from here to there the waste caused in the soil, as the whole centuries that they had thrown since his death on Calvary, he sentenced again crucified:

- I predicted that the charity was in the all souls; could become man and woman so to paradise, where they  want; with my imagination redemptive multiplied bread and fish, placed faith in you, not you in my!, hypocritical!, but you prefered be accomplices, executioners, cowards who deny. Cleanse if you want it thrown here and your ills!