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In these arid lands we don't want submissions, we do what we can to survive, a bullet went through me in duel.But something important we learned, the laws here them impose us; you're too sensitive and understand me perfectly.But now the important thing is to see a doctor, which remove me the bullet from the heart and can beat again.You are going to do the last favor by me, Amanda, now that I'm dead, close me eyes, again a veil to be able to see you again.
 So the epitaph of Juan Guerrero Suarez, who had just be killed was inscribed on the Tomb.Good man of a single love, the woman who most wanted, Amanda. Like so many other women in these latitudes, dead in the hands of the lust without taming of the cruel man, that outrages and kills to satisfy pleasure. Juanito even remember it, is now sitting, Juanito cries!, dressed in a white which contrasts with their mixed race skin, Juanito knows him will need courage to go on living, but now he is distressed and combined with a desire for revenge so pain; he is the son who was born from such a sublime love. Juanito speaks with his father, Juanito prays for his mother!, Juanito touches his chest and look inside and understand to his little heart, Juanito is being a man in the middle of the desert and desolation.
 Desert of Sonora, in the State of Sonora, in Mexico his recruits and the knocked him down , were those who killed Juan Guerrero. His desire was to conquer Sonora. Mid-19th century, William Walker: politician, lawyer, doctor and succulent American journalist  from Nashville.So cover letter enclosed the voice in in whip, the madness of the man, the filibusterism in the land, together with a patriotism racist feelings of superiority, spirit colonizer on horseback, a handful of men without scruples that abound when the law does not exist or is the law which allows that they forge.They came with evil everywhere, to the most recondite places, where the love of man and woman, on the hard ground, where's wishes of peace persist in the adversity of some mortal, arrived and killed, with the bravery that gives usury.Meanwhile, lost and mutilated, with internal roots oponed in a gift of peace, with the desire of bread surrounded by dry shrubland, lonely of the caravans of the horror; women and men courageouss, who seek to live in peace, but they have to carry guns well surrounded belt at the waist, to Project ; but there is no possible refuge, up there also comes the tyrannical abomination.
Together, Amanda and John lived in a sandy area of forest in a ranch shared with  some natives Papagxs . Amanda was one of them, was actually called Akatowari, as so say butterfly in the language of the native neighbours Guarijío, where his mother came from.The beauty of the natural freshness which emanates from the wisdom of the leaves, by dropping light, never inert, when they remated a station, to return to shine when entitle at the time of a full of flowers spring, seemed in its proceeding in a natural way; wait and pick up what is sowing in the cycle of love.Dressed that day with a round neck blouse sleeve, straight and slightly short, blanket, with small and elegant embroidery of many flowers, and with a long, straight skirt to the ankle, as the Popoluca of South of Veracruz.She was alone with Johnny, the creature had three years, Juanito slept, she washed the cot sheets.The footsteps of horses that were going to gallop frosted the hearth of the poor  Akatowari.Two Apaches and  three settlers who came from Arizona.The cries that waved their throats delighted in fire liqueur called for blood mixed with pleasure. Akatowari, in an impulsive act of love of mother, is headed to the house, to protect to him, but hesitated, she knew what they wanted, like the small would have a chance of life if not  pounced to him, thus calling attention.
-No, please... Let me
And Juanito cried!, and they took turns, lightning rang deafeaninly pointing out the evil.An Apache took the knife and cut off his neck.And Juanito cried!.They came into the room where the child was.Laughing as beasts of a world that we discourage, said one of them:
-leave with his suffering, he cries in despair-they rode on horseback and departed-.
 Mexico indigenous languages are structured in three language trunks, and other six linguistic families, those which cannot be a common link between others and anothers, and deepen their roots out of the environment.The three trunks will be about thirteen or fourteen families, which in turn deploy different languages, some fifty at least. Trunk yuthonahua leaves the family pimana, groups of indigenous tribes which are found mainly in the Mexican State of Sonora and in southern Arizona. Tohono O' O'odham, 'people of the desert', as so prefer to be called the Papago, as they are known, one of these tribes of the family pimiana with his tongue.They belong, culturally and linguistically to this great family of Pimas , the Papagxs, who choose to go into the desert, live there.
 As well also preferred it Juan Guerrero Suarez, son of an Extremaduran devout and faithful to the cause of the new Spain, and therefore to the which was then viceroy, in the first decade of the 19th century, Francisco Javier Venegas of Saavedra Rodríguez de Arenzana, cruel Marquis and  official  of the Spanish armada.With a distant kinship of nobility lived in Veracruz opulently the father of John; He tried to where his son was that according to him was the only way, Catholicism and the homeland. Until the insurrection came and they killed to hom of four bullets in the porch of the ranch. Those were times when Mexico called independence, when the philosopher cleric and latinist Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla launched their faithful to the rebellion.He knew it then, and the truth is that do not meant  any regret or greater pain to him, with thirteen it already escaped from the house of her father, to finish in the Sonora desert
 In the summer, when rivers descend from the mountains, the desert remains in a gentle flowering.The Saguaro or cactus appear erect, flowering, with open arms, as if they were Aztec divinities with their ornamentations of plumage, with white flowers that open during the day and flower in late spring, arranged around the Sun also we have the mesquites, which usually appear in forms of shrubs, with roots that can reach the thirty or forty metres in depthyou narrow leaves and branches in thorns that intermingle grateful shading, such as arid lands, and with a few seeds to leave them dry and grind offer flour. The  pitahaya at certain catus Berry, generally fruit of color pink with white flesh and black seeds embedded and small...
 (to be continued)
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