domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2012


It emerged from thickets
the mystery of an orbit lurking,
that expecte dawn
without being discovered his soul.

It is being  heard the beat of the river
and its Springs water;
why this human contempt?,
this tragic trance!.
Whom trust in this crazy event?.

 Cross where silence becomes hollow
 Thirsty,stop him in gutter flourishing ,
 refreshes the timid flight of wind!,
 and I here alone, left to my fate!

The thick fog covered her torment,
while he remained conscious,
on sad chance of the spinning wheel of time,
with the memory of their land in the mind .

 I believe in something, I need to understand!;
 are they, in this corner of the world,
 is it so hard to understand?,
 back in my homeland, gold, hate furious!.

Will arrive a day in which the sun
do not want to shine
and night set a dark blunt no;
on then the man and the woman may
to understand the need for a deeper feel? .

 But, there in the horizon!,
 note an opaque transparent exciting,
 as ants jumping emancipated
 cut the opposite wind action;
 is reality or an oasis in my forehead?,
 and come adorned leaves priviledges!.

The shadow of solidarity was still advancing,
and in the earth formed small furrows
where germinate strange plants;
birds floated, the fish swam playing,
sea foam flourished new fruits,
and the frogs jumped to the sky excited.

xurxo fernandez gonzalez