lunes, 1 de octubre de 2012


Of the guitar escapes the sustained note,
 Deepens the eco sense of the poet without vozal
 and another and another note,
rise, fall, even go dressed
and escape from the box with musical tone,
 the strings vibrate,
the object becomes subject in life;
 advance guitar!,
get naked to the clarity of the window;
 small sparrows unfold its wings;
the artists are shaken and reverse the natural green;
 as if t were soft lire t
hat sang caring,
 yes..., the wings... the notes make their nests in life,
 warn us of other appointments!.
 Time is grey on the balcony,
sprout the tears of the immensity
 those that make knots!,
is not science that go more!,
chirp the poet, guitar,
 and birds of the freedom

xurxo fernandez gonzalez