lunes, 1 de octubre de 2012


I don't know if it was reality or a dream; going for two days walking ago, at least twenty-seven hours  that passed from this trance of my life which were not days, but a small peak day; can extend extending if they are counted in minutes, and seconds?, the thousandth says to the hundredth,- but,¿Why are you in such a hurry?, if fate is already sealed in the Oracle?
 I stopped on a  balcony, a private bar open to the crowd. I sat down and asked fresh water of green spring water painted pink, and as it was not I asked a lime flower tea with ice, I carried to Edipo Rey, a book, naturally!...
Next to my table had two adults, a man and a woman with a teenage girl who walk between the twelve and fourteen years of age, carried in her hand a branch of laurel.The three spoke quietly, the wind was blowing refreshing.
 Before opening the book my thoughts were being accelerated in this way:
" Yes, it is true that in the unconscious of being aware may seem more or less everlasting time"", because as Pinocchio and which lies the nose grows, the rod of time seems it is longer when the fantasies of the dictation idle lie to the mind."
Instead of a a lime flower tea brought me a bouquet of roses, kissed her hand as a sign of gratitude. Meanwhile, continued thoughts
 "one who suffers from idle boredom but who its link to the sloth fact small hues of unnecessary habits to be anchored in apathy?, as it is also other raise of others  that his and her gregarious condition just providing a submissive character, that even away from the boring, transforms into something worse than the empty space of the absenteeism, falling into a conformism  with the injustice of the executioner who sits to eat at his table...?"
 But something occurred, I could not leave my amazement!, woman in the group that was sitting on the side, with the same naturalness and affection that flight toward in the angel-like beauty  of his hand, perched on the drinking glass, with a raised voice crowned his conscience, and said:
 - there are other waits that are more unsocialized, the mandatory submisive and disgusting which unfortunately we must to it, impatient, agonizing and anxiously, which judgment of a diplomatic corps bureaucratic, in a long line of unemployment; and another sweet, anxious, too, but more hopeful, such as in railway station waiting for your mother to return home, a same feeling dualities.

¡Was reading me the thought!!, no doubt, but not!, it could not be true!, what she said was related to my meditations.Yes!, but,,,, was I who read her thinking , doubt me burned, but I was resolute and I said to myself that it was I who affected in their acts, because my thoughts, the logical thing was that she knew not them, without however I Yes hers, as they were revealed to me!.
Everything became complicated more and more, but in a truly sublime complication, because at the same time all this was happening two retired sailors came out of the bar, having to go through the balcony, at the time that when passed between the two rows of tables stood half of them, and looking silver reflections of a marine horizon one of them said:
 - certainly in the  exercise which I professby way , I can go out to step, and in fact I usually turn to one side to allow pedestrians to continue their destination.-said that seemed more age -
 - as it should be, I occurs to me using a lot the view, staying perplexed as much beauty, but go for the left, right, by the center of the earth or flying, that due respect makes my effect, but that it do not confuse!, respect does not mean submission! - said the other -
 - each one  we look depending on the color of their lenses, but it is a secret that we keep since the eyeball..., do you?, who perhaps saw the molecule of desire?.-answer which seemed older to another -
 - now!, I understand!, science does not speak of the mysteries of the heart, but yes affects the tides, but the truth, so be one  of a more or less open character, socialized, or more mysterious or bewitched, but is that it is linked to his skull, is situated in Villafranca do Bierzo, Washington,Bangla-Desh or Cangas do Morrazo-responded the youngest while slowly were going away and stopping, as if were two semi-anchored sea inside-.
.- True, very true is the same geographical space of our greenhouse, where well be careful one of superfluous danger, and entrusted to the real attribute of the collection of a good crop "-was heard the voice of the older sailor -
 Of suddenly the show was ever increasing in its grandeur and eloquence, the man who was with the woman stands table up and with blaring voice", raising his fist to the wind screamed:
-first step!, set aside aside the weeds, and which are the bad greens?, those living camouflaged in the hypocrisy!, the naked eye warns colors and gestures and judged the landscape, thinking tends to empathize with the mind, can guess when the next face is an insanenot,but we must therefore rely too much.At a glance today  many colors that are dressed in green, people who may seem  Paladins of truth of reason, but it's different!, with the fascists…, even if they intend to disguise, but is there much ignoble tattoo and much hypocrisy, here left rides also painted with the Green dollarn,they don’t split with capitalism because they still rely on the convenience of this system, but the time will come that...
 The girl stood up and jumping with excitement stirred the laurels.
 I didn't know make, or rather yes, something it would was of my bowels out!.
My mouth dried, should play my role in this work, but my mind now clouded, multiple thoughts raced in my heart, I had to be decisive, so I went to my friend Sophocles and appeared with the role of Oedipus, embracing roses!, beat with the hand!, I opened the book, just at its beginning

"My sons new breeding of the old Cadmus, why are you sitting this way, crowned and with those bunches of supplicants?."The city is filled with incense, too pleas for healing and laments.And I considered unworthy to learn by other messengers, my sons have come up here in own person: whom you well know all, the Edipo. Old man, Say me then,since you are you to the one who corresponds to speak by these, are you well?, out of fear or for devotion?."That is my desire to help you at all, because hard I would be of heart if not  shouldst me this your state."
Xurxo fernandez gonzalez