jueves, 11 de octubre de 2012



They were two, Hermaphroditus and Salmanides,
she was ardent, he was elusive, arrogant;
and of a hug germinated in a body the duality.

When we thought in the quantity
of false intentions
wich succeed in the arbitrary
of an artificial happiness with conditions.

Laugh, cry, pretend , yawn,
better be sad and feel emotions
and glad to hear the plot to change 
realities by illusions,
that thus give way to the showmanship 
of the imagination and their visions. 


How much silence there be in thoughtful solitude!
the other is bustling, jumps and plays proud
from one side to another of its concerns joyful;
if you not put it in trouble,it walks making itself

While if grows homesickness on idle idea... ;
the tears falling from the cloud to the Valley lived,
and it was not but the rain of your wishes claiming.
That flood the corners of my vital solitude!.

Creating am I new avenues in new maps,
that break the laws of the solitary gravity,
that float in a source of loose emotions and words.

As well, the feeling of suffering that was only the frost's fruit,
and that does not cause me much anguish the avarice's whip,
dawnly  with its bloody line of sharp ax


Woman and man, man or woman, reality, two substances,
and when interfering they,as if it was one with the other back of my hand
in a body of the hand of, with two armpits; truth in the likeness,
in which a body welcomes the two soul's sexes.

The feeling of love carries the seal of the ambiguity,
is not  object of the science, which separates substances for analysis;
the cold and heat feed it, and it present  with the will;

well as, the flowers are born to welcome anyone who wants to inhabit with them.

In the dreams wake up our other reality;
the community suffers harshness
of the spilled tears by the evil's seed .

Be collective not dreams, may be that it was the problem of his weakness,
much sleeps but doesn't dream, yawns with indulgence,
but afraid to the pattern and displays its approval docility.