jueves, 11 de octubre de 2012


Why can't  I see the bottom of the landscape,
beyond which projects beams of light guiding,
that change colors and perspective? .

Could it be perhaps the distance and outrage
in straight line towards the horizon

that was not in that path as defined,
and entails corners  

 which we can not imagine alive?

In fact, the first boundaries of the environment,
the first hills that rise,
are already naked without flowers;

and is that the spring is advancing
on its contour hopeful…,

Is there already pass
youngest pilgrim souls,
who naively and with burning trace
signals in a camouflaged road;
and under the  dense profile  
they are going up along,
by the hopeful love  path.  .

They make those such as Persephone
and their nymphs in Enna,
naked landscape with daring.
So was this Goddess Core
to a Narcissus captivated, selfless;
but ... where are  they now?
Devoured to them too Land
to give these souls in detail
who enjoy the debauchery,
and thus be corrupted by inside and out?,

what is this silence?,

Oh, loneliness treacherous!
where is the solidarity and true love?,
in this painful feeling
of a vacuum useless and standby
where the time drought causes suffer
to the rugged and freezes my burning

xurxo fernandez gonzalez