domingo, 30 de noviembre de 2014


The landscape that offers us!...The hole and the gold,

The two like a ring;

The reaching turquoise king the desired and his crown,

The sword, straight in the hand

With eyes  is already weakened

But with the nice monster surrendered to his feet

Everything in a striking cloud of dream!


As it was the thing that...


A cloud of gold had a gap

By which went in a king without crown

Which dressed a turquoise striking.

In the right hand a sword carried

And rode on of a nice dragon.

The ring in the thumb carried the king.

A world of dreams done reality!


The monster, true is that it was subjected does time,

And now that...The king without crown....

It goes in in the cloud, to the trot!

Anchored in the haunches of the dragon.


The hope of the king, then , for finding the crown,

For finding it inside a cloud; his projects

Of so many years projected in a dream of cotton.


The turquoise represents his weakness by the clouds,.

The cloud is his realm...

An illusion to want to live of the dream.

That own fragility of some minerals,

Of the kings without crown...


The dragon represents to the word subjected,

The ring like a black hole

And the sword we allready know well.