domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2012


An barn owl grateful,
event of his life!,
and commented  the Sun
at the time of her left

- I don't know why , but
the  night hours differ from each other
and the other of the night of a new day;
Down the quietest hours
If we put us.

The owls friends
we are big on philosophies!.
Owls are our neighbours,
have that humorous detail, splendid hearing,
feathers raised by way of ears,
As to mean the night and his  howls.

And I tell you, doing use of my job
is the dark the reflect of be out .
Which imposes another hot silence
is enclosed in fiery cave,
another new dictation will be suitable.

Oh, dear Sun!,
you refresh  fire in my
 my gentle night light,
calm committed
also girls and children
are born at night,
while the fish sleep
on mats soaked.
My lamp looks for
in their swings to you.
Fireflies and their parades,
consenting signals,
a sweet abrasive pleasure

Oh, sweet Sun of my eyes!,
-now the owl screams-
I'm going to the meeting
 without a shadow!,
and respire in your dreams
which born from your left.

xurxo Fernández González